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Store Policy

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All listed objects have specific descriptions regarding their terms, dated periods, major characteristics and possibly, the provenance. These descriptions are based on our research evaluation. We retain the right to interpret these descriptions and are only responsible for what is expressed in writing.Unless otherwise specified, within 30 days of the receipt of the purchased item, clients may, for any reason, return the object for full refund less shipping, handling and other transaction fees.If clients disagree with our appraisal statement in the item description and want to return the object after 30 days but within 3 months of purchase, they should inform us that the physical condition materially differs from the item description (or from a provided condition report) or the item description is inaccurate, TO OUR SATISFACTION. The returned object must be in the same condition as the time of purchased. We will make full refund including shipping, handling and other related costs within 5 business days.